Awards Committee.  The Awards Committee shall review, propose and recommend to the Association any award nominations. 

Members: Barry Leatherman, Scott Eaken, George Taylor, Erik Grunzig.


Communications and Information Technology Committee The Communication and Information Technology Committee shall act as a liaison between the Association and the Berks County Communications Center.  The Committee will also review and evaluate information technology that affects law enforcement in the County. 

Members: Todd Trupp, Timothy Woll, Thomas Endy, Justin Loose, Madison Winchester.

Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB).   The Criminal Justice Advisory Board Committee attends the Criminal Justice Advisory Board meetings and represents the Association. 

Members: Erik Grunzig.


Education & Training Committee The Education & Training Committee shall formulate, develop, and implement a law enforcement-training program for the Association. 

Members: Madison Winchester.


Emergency Management CommitteeThe Emergency Management Committee shall meet with the County Emergency Management Agency, act as liaison to the Association and represent the Association at the East Central Pennsylvania Counter-Terrorism Task Force Meetings. 

Members: Steven Stinsky, Edward Michalik, Brian Gottschall.

Legal, By-Laws and Legislative CommitteeThe Legal, By-Law and Legislative Committee shall be responsible for any legal issues of the Association.  The Committee shall review the By-Laws every even numbered year and make recommendations to the Association.  The Committee shall enforce the provisions of the By-Laws.  The Committee shall consider, propose, support and review laws or pending legislation that advances the Mission of the Association. 

Members: Jeffrey Biehl, Barry Leatherman.

Membership Committee The Membership Committee shall review all applications for Association membership and shall investigate and make recommendations to the Executive Board pursuant to these By-Laws. 

Members: Gerald Trate, Michael Hoffert.

Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee meets as necessary in order to gather nominations of the names of candidates for officers of the Association. 

Members: Gerald Trate, Michael Hoffert.


Publicity and Public Relations CommitteeThe Publicity and Public Relations Committee shall communicate to the news media any activities and accomplishments of the Association. 

Members: Erik Grunzig, Stephen Powell.


Special Events Committee The Special Events Committee shall accept, review, and oversee all social and fund raising activities of the Association. 

Members: David Brown, John Scalia.