The Berks County Chiefs of Police Association, founded in 1948, is a professional organization of chiefs of police and other executives of police, public safety, and private law enforcement organizations within Berks County. It promotes excellence in leadership and provides innovative law enforcement training. The Association provides a vehicle through which members can come together, examine their positions on issues, and address the needs of their colleagues. The Association maintains and fosters relationships with government agencies and non-government organizations to advance the quality of law enforcement in Berks County for the benefit of our communities.


The Mission of the Association is to promote the professional development of all executive and management personnel within duly constituted law enforcement agencies in Berks County; to encourage close cooperation of all law enforcement agencies in the prevention of crime, detection of crime, and the apprehension of those responsible for the commission of crimes; to promote the core values of integrity and professionalism of the police profession through education, problem solving, innovation, cooperation, and accountability; and generally pledge and strive for the highest degree of respect for law and order throughout Berks County.


Although the members of the Association may need to balance these values from time to time on both an individual and collective basis, the Association will never ignore these values for the sake of expediency or personal preference.  The Association holds these values constantly before it to teach and remind the Association’s membership, and the communities which those members serve, of the Association’s ideals.  These values are the foundation upon which the Association is built. When put into practice, these values help the Association contribute to the quality of life across Berks County.


We recognize and accept that law enforcement is accountable to the communities we serve.  We believe that community policing enhances accountability and community cooperation.  We adhere to the highest professional standards, ethics, skill & competence in decision making, work performance, and personal responsibility.  We adhere to all laws and professional regulations.


We are honest, accountable, and transparent as individuals and as an organization.  We act respectfully and respond thoughtfully with a consistent ethic of service to our communities.  We follow through on our promises as we put our values into action.


We recognize the complicated nature of policing a rapidly changing society.  We keep abreast of the latest procedures, legal issues, and innovative topics in modern policing through regular training.  We strive to constantly expand our knowledge base as leaders in the field of law enforcement.  We seek to be both adaptive and creative, continuously improving, thinking strategically about identifying trends, exploring alternatives, and solving problems.  We foster innovation and are open to new ideas.


We cooperate and are willing to work together.  We recognize the importance of cooperation and we actively explore and develop partnerships.  We operate with our partners in a synergistic fashion by building dynamic networks and thereby increase the potential for mutual successes.


We advocate for social and other supportive services for victims, youth, and other individuals involved in the criminal justice system.  We advocate for public policy that enhances our capacity to better serve our communities.


We seek out, recognize and celebrate what is real, genuine and unique about each other, our members, and our communities.  We value diversity and encourage creative expression. We act with fairness, restraint, and impartiality. We work with the community to understand and overcome cultural influences and unconscious biases.


With understanding and empathy, we anticipate the needs of others and act to appropriately and meaningfully meet those needs.  Our interactions are characterized by respect, courtesy, warmth and professional dignity.  We actively listen to the perspectives of others.


We aspire to achieve the highest quality in all that we do through diligent effort, both individual and collective, and we accept the sacrifices, risks, and responsibilities involved in pursuit of excellence so that we can perform to the very best of our capacities and exceed our own expectations.


We work together as one organization in carrying out our mission.  As individual members of the association we are respectful to each other and work collectively to solve problems and serve the community.


We communicate, demonstrate, and reflect excitement and enthusiasm for the work we do. We create an environment that motivates, energizes, and celebrates a passion for the important work of law enforcement.